Japan Prime Realty Investment Corporation (JPR) announced its financial result for the 25th fiscal period on August 14. JPR achieved positive growths in revenues, profit and distributions with distribution per unit of 6,150 yen (144 yen increase compared to the previous period). In internal growth, the occupancy rate improved to 97.8% and rents in existing properties were increased, which led to strong results. On the other hand, in external growth, no property acquisitions were made during the fiscal period even though assets, mainly of the sponsor pipeline, were examined. Such decisions were made for the reasons of pricing, asset size and their subsequent impact on DPU. However, President Okubo emphasized that JPR will continue to be active toward property acquisition centering on offices in Tokyo. JPR’s strategy focuses on achieving optimal mix of geographical areas and asset classes to secure high yield. Forecast for DPU in the 26th period is 6,180 yen driven by continued recovery in internal growth and financing cost reduction. Mid-6000 yen level was raised as a middle term target for DPU. JPR expressed its strong intent to realize further earnings growth driven by external growth.