12/28  -Long-Term Value Creation Target

◎ This slide provides a conclusion of my presentation. ◎ In fiscal 2015 and 2016, we will accelerate implementing our current strategy as we work to achieve our goals. ◎ And, as shown on page 7, our long-term concept outlines revenues of ¥2.5 trillion by fiscal 2025. ◎ We will aim to increase operating income by ¥100.0 billion to ¥200.0 billion compared to the current fiscal plan, which is over 2 times growth. ◎ Based on these targets, we forecast an ROE of 8-10%. Compared to the plan for fiscal 2016, which is the final year of the current corporate strategy, this is an increase of approximately 2 points. We will continue to increase shareholder capital efficiency. ◎ For EPS, compared to the current fiscal plan, we can estimate around 3 times growth, which is approximately ¥30. ◎ As for future plans, working toward the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, we will work the 3-4 years from fiscal 2016 into our next medium-term corporate strategy for the upcoming fiscal year. ◎ Compared to 10 years ago, our financial condition has vastly improved. We will use this foundation as a platform for growth and achieve long-term value creation. ◎ This concludes my presentation. Thank you for your attention.