13/16 - Trends in International Passenger Operations(2)

◎This shows ASK and RPK trends by destinations. ◎Overall, results were favorable in North America and Asia/Oceania. In addition to outbound business demand from Japan, trilateral and inbound traffic demand were also firm. ◎On European routes leisure demand from Japan is still weak due to the remaining impact of terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris and Belgium during the second half of the previous fiscal year. However, outbound business demand from Japan has already recovered and inbound traffic from Europe is increasing. ◎On China routes, the supply and demand gap is expanding due to both Japanese and Chinese airlines increasing capacity since last autumn. Although our RPK during the first quarter was largely unchanged year-on-year, we are forecasting that RPK will increase again since the second quarter is a peak season. We will continue to pay close attention to market trends. ◎Please turn to page 21.