1/26 Cover

◎Thank you for participating in our meeting for Financial Results for the Six Months ended September 30, 2016. ◎Since the beginning of this fiscal year, the Air Transportation business has experienced some issues, including:  -Malfunction of the baggage belt system at Haneda Airport,  -Trouble related to Boeing 787 aircraft engine parts,  -Insufficient management of handling procedures at airport security inspection zones and boarding gates. I sincerely regret any concerns these have caused. ◎In light of these incidents, I have issued instructions to each group company to reemphasize safety as the foundation of all our businesses. And I personally will take responsibility for ensuring that the entire Group is committed to the pursuit of safety. I want to take this opportunity to ask for your continuous support and understanding. ◎Turning to today’s main subject, I will discuss the following three topics.  1.Outline of Financial Results for FY2016 Second Quarter  2.FY2016 Earnings Forecast and measures for the Air Transportation business during the Second Half  3.Progress of Corporate Strategy ◎Please turn to page 4.