20/26 - Trends in International Passenger Operations (3)

◎This slide shows demand in major regions for the International Passenger Operations arranged according to site of sale and airport. ◎Each graph compares results from the first half of fiscal 2016 with the same period of the previous fiscal year. Light blue shows passenger numbers to and from Haneda Airport and dark blue represents to and from Narita Airport. Results from the current fiscal year are shown with total passenger numbers from both airports during the first half of the previous fiscal year represented as 100. ◎As shown in the graph on the left, the high competitive advantage of Haneda had an impact on domestic sales. Focusing on business travelers as our main target, in addition to strong demand in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, we have been able to take advantage of our enhanced domestic network to capture more passengers connecting from locations throughout Japan. ◎For overseas sales, we increased the number of Japan-inbound passengers traveling to Haneda. In addition to that, we have increased the number of passengers connecting through our international flights at Narita, where we are able to set a flexible flight schedule. ◎Our Dual-hub Network Strategy, which takes advantage of the strengths of both Haneda and Narita, is producing firm results. ◎Please turn to page 26.