21/32 - Changes in Op. Income

◎ This is a year-on-year comparison of changes in operating income for our Air Transportation business. ◎ Operating revenues decreased by 16.8 billion yen. ◎ The International Passenger Operations was impacted by declines in both fuel surcharge revenues and yen conversion amounts for foreign currency revenues due to yen appreciation. However, we were able to capture demand in line with business expansion and secure revenues above the previous year. ◎ With the abolishment of the International Cargo Agency Commission, the expense of this commission is offset by revenues from fiscal 2016. This resulted in an approximate 17.0 billion yen decrease for the amount recorded during the previous year. ◎ Operating expenses decreased by 16.6 billion yen. Although operation-linked costs increased due to business expansion, fuel expenses decreased by 32.6 billion yen. ◎ As a result, operating income decreased by 0.2 billion yen year on year to 139.5 billion yen. ◎ As shown in the table at the bottom, unit cost was in line with plans. ◎ Please turn to page 22.