4/32 - Review of business in FY2016


◎ This slide is a review of business during fiscal 2016. ◎ First I will discuss revenues. The International Passenger Business achieved targets thanks to increased demand to all destinations. For the International Cargo Business, since the end of last October we have been reorganizing our freighter network in order to improve profitability. Overall demand recovery resulted in a revenue increase that outperformed plans. In the Domestic Passenger Business, we responded to various events, including the Kumamoto earthquake and issues related to Boeing 787 engine parts, while promoting the optimization of supply to demand. Although load factor improved, continuous competition with others resulted in revenues underperforming plans. Also, Vanilla Air revenue was below plans due to the impact of intensifying competition from foreign LCCs on certain routes. We will address these issues appropriately while implementing our plan for fiscal 2017. ◎ Next, I will discuss costs. The results for unit cost adjusted for the impact of foreign currency was 8.8 yen, which was in line with the plan. Cost Restructuring Initiatives implemented since fiscal 2011 had an effect on these results. ◎ As indicated here, these efforts led to the achievement of goals for consolidated operating income in the first year of our current corporate strategy. ◎ Please turn to page 6.