12/26 - Statements of Cash Flow

◎This page indicates the consolidated statement of cash flow. ◎Cash flow from operating activities resulted in revenues of 206.5 billion yen, an increase of 92.7 billion yen compared to the previous fiscal year, thanks to increased income as well as decreased corporate tax payments during the first half. ◎Cash flow from investing activities resulted in expenditures of 210.8 billion yen due to capital expenditures, mainly for aircraft, and the additional acquisition of Peach Aviation stock. ◎Cash flow from financing activities resulted in revenues of 67.1 billion yen. While we issued convertible bonds, we conducted straight bonds redemption, loan repayments, dividends payout, and share buyback. ◎Substantial free cash flow, which is based on excluding capital transfers for periodic and negotiable deposits of more than three months from investing activities, increased by 40.9 billion yen to 39.8 billion yen. ◎EBITDA was 189.1 billion yen and the EBITDA margin was 19.2%, both record highs. ◎Please see page 14.