4/26 - FY2017 Earnings Forecast


◎The second point is the revisions to the fiscal 2017 earnings forecast. ◎For revenues and expenses, we reflected both first half results and second half forecasts of the fiscal year, including an increase in maintenance costs. ◎As a result, for the full year we made an upward revision of 10.0 billion yen for operating income and ordinary income, respectively, as well as that of 7.0 billion yen for net income attributable to owners of the parent. ◎There are no changes to the second half revenue plans and market assumptions outlined in the original plan. ◎We conducted a share consolidation effective October 1 that resulted in the trading unit change. We are planning on dividends of 60 yen per share, which is unchanged from our original plans for the fiscal year. ◎Please turn to page 6.