19/33 - ESG

◎Lastly, I will discuss ESG and provide a summary of this strategy. ◎We believe that it is the responsibility of global companies to create both social value and economic value. ◎For example, as shown in the graph on the right, we will approach “Environment” by increasing the share of fuel-efficient aircraft up to approximately 80% by the end of fiscal 2022. Aircraft upgrades based on this strategy will also reduce our CO2 emissions per unit. ◎As part of “Social,” we will enhance universal services, particularly at airports, resulting in promoting a society of coexistence that respects diversity. ◎To enhance “Governance,” we will implement responses to our corporate governance code and enhance our director monitoring functions. This will increase accountability for our Group corporate value. At the same time, we will enhance meaningful communication with investors to achieve continuous management reforms. ◎Through these ESG initiatives, we will aim for sustainable growth of the Group while also contributing to the UN’s SDGs (sustainable development goals). ◎Today, I discussed a summary of our strategy looking into post 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games. We will utilize all our management resources and I personally am committed to fulfilling my responsibilities for leading the ANA Group. We will solidify our platform and position upcoming business opportunities as growth drivers, and then move towards the future. ◎This concludes my presentation. Thank you for your attention.