24/33 - Financial Position

◎This page shows our consolidated financial position. ◎Total assets increased by 220.1 billion yen to 2,534.5 billion yen compared to the end of the previous fiscal year. This includes 140.0 billion yen financing through the issuance of convertible bonds and goodwill incidental to the consolidation of Peach Aviation. ◎Shareholders' equity increased by 113.3 billion yen to 1,032.4 billion yen. We have conducted share buybacks in the amount of 49.8 billion yen until the end of December. However Shareholders’ equity increased due to building up of the profit during the period, and the shareholders’ equity ratio was 40.7%. ◎Interest bearing debt increased by 89.4 billion yen to 819.3 billion yen, resulting in a debt/equity ratio of 0.8 times, which is on par with the end of the previous fiscal year. ◎Please see page 33.