5/33 - Review of FY2016-2020 Corporate Strategy

◎Now, I will discuss our new Corporate Strategy. First, I will review the strategies we have implemented thus far. ◎In fiscal 2013, our Group shifted to a holdings company structure and  established Japan’s first LCC. Propelled by the expansion of the International Business, we have continued to accelerate the speed of our growth. The updated version of our current strategy focuses on investments in safety and human resources to solidify our management platform to support further growth. ◎The graph below shows a 3-year performance evaluation since fiscal 2014. During each fiscal year, operating income has exceeded initial targets. Including this fiscal year, we are projecting achieving a new record high for a third consecutive year. ◎As you can see, the corporate strategy implemented thus far has produced results. To build on these results and pursue continued sustainable growth, we outlined our management direction for fiscal 2020 and beyond through a new corporate strategy. ◎Please see page 6.