6/33 - “Pillar” of new Corporate Strategy

◎Next, I will explain some themes related to our new corporate strategy. ◎As you can see, we divided the 5-year period from fiscal 2018 to fiscal 2022 into three stages. Our plan is to first solidify our business platform, then use the International Business to accelerate growth, and then pursue sustainable income growth. To achieve this, we have identified strategic pillars comprised of three points. ◎The first point is to expand our airline revenue platform. Both ANA and the LCCs will improve basic quality, then we will pursue an optimal portfolio and expand our revenue platform. ◎The second point is to select and concentrate on existing businesses, and create new business domains. We also will pursue growth in non-air businesses. ◎The third point is the utilization of open innovation and ICT. By improving our product competitiveness and promoting workstyle reform, we will contribute to the realization of “the ultra-smart society.” ◎Through the steady implementation of these themes, we will establish our position as a global leading airline group. ◎Please turn to page 7.