7/33 - Air Transportation Business (1)  Network Strategy


◎Next, I will explain our business strategy. First, I will discuss our network strategy. ◎The image on the left reflects our international services. For ANA, as a full-service carrier we will further strengthen hub functions in Tokyo metropolitan area airports. We will maximize the use of Haneda and Narita as we aim to complete our “dual hub model. “ For our Group LCCs Vanilla Air and Peach Aviation, we will focus operations on Narita and Kansai while also expanding business from other regional airports. We will target strong Japanese leisure and inbound demand, and contribute to regional vitalization. ◎The image on the right reflects our domestic services. ANA will continue to operate trunk routes while optimizing supply to demand on local routes. We will utilize our alliances with partner airlines to maintain our advantage as a market leader. For LCCs, we will continue to expand the number of local routes. ◎Please see page 8.