9/33  - Air Transportation Business (3)  ANA Brand


◎First, I will discuss the strategy for ANA. ◎We will expand International Passenger Business in Tokyo metropolitan area airports as a growth driver. From spring 2019, we will deploy the Airbus A380 on Hawaii routes to advance our resort strategy. We will expand our network into white spots by including such methods as utilizing alliances with overseas airlines. We will expand ASK in fiscal 2022 by approximately 50% compared to the current fiscal year. We are assuming that Haneda slots will be expanded from the beginning of fiscal 2020 in our plan. ◎As for the Domestic Passenger Business, we will promote optimizing supply to demand so we anticipate that ASK in 2022 will decline slightly compared to the current fiscal year. We will invest in quality to enhance our products and services, and maintain our Group’s greatest revenue platform. ◎For the International Cargo Business, we will rebuild our network to improve medium-term business profitability. To steadily capture cargo demand between Asia and North America, a market for which we anticipate growth, we will deploy wide-body freighters and strengthen our functions at Tokyo metropolitan hubs. For our Okinawa hub, we will continue to evaluate the competitive environment and demand trends in Asia, and pursue further optimization of the business scope. Through these initiatives, similar to the International Passenger Business, we are planning an approximately 50% increase in ATK by fiscal 2022. ◎Please see page 10.