13/26 - Value Creation Targets

◎Here, I want to review our value creation targets leading to fiscal 2020. ◎The results of our strategies to date have steadily increased profit levels over the past several years. Having expanded our international network, our operating income has averaged more than 150 billion yen, and net income has averaged more than 100 billion yen, between fiscal 2016 and fiscal 2018. ◎Meanwhile, we will use fiscal 2019 as a period to complete the finishing touches prior to fiscal 2020. For fiscal 2020, we will leverage increased slots at Metro Tokyo airports into greater revenues. Our goals for fiscal 2020 are operating income of more than 200 billion yen and net income of more than 120 billion yen. ◎We plan to introduce a rolling update to the ANA Group corporate strategy through the second half of fiscal 2019, assuming the allocation of slots at Haneda Airport will be clarified by then. ◎The ANA Group is creating value toward becoming the world’s leading airline group, steadily increasing profitability as we respond flexibly to any change in our environment. ◎This concludes my portion of today’s presentation. Thank you for your attention.