21/26 - Changes in Op. Income

◎This table shows a year-on-year comparison of operating income in our Air Transportation Business. ◎Operating revenues increased 75.3 billion yen year on year. As you can see, all ANA and LCC businesses recorded operating revenue growth. Our International Passenger Business experienced significant revenue growth. While our Domestic Passenger Business recorded a year-on-year decrease in the second quarter due to planned flight cancellations, natural disasters, and other factors, this business delivered revenue growth for the third quarter. ◎Operating expenses increased 81.4 billion yen. We have made steady progress in the categories included in our initial plan, including staff hiring, training and measures to improve quality at airports to support future growth. ◎As a result, we posted an operating income of 149.2 billion yen, down 6.1 billion yen compared with the prior year. ◎In November of last year, the crude oil market experienced a decline in prices. Since a time lag exists before actual market prices reflect purchased fuel prices, we expect to see the benefit on fuel costs beginning in the fourth quarter. ◎Unit costs are in line with plan, as can be seen on the chart at the bottom of the slide. ◎Please turn to page 26.