3/26 - Outline of Financial Results FY2018 Third Quarter

◎I will start with a summary of our financial results for the nine months ended December 31, 2018. ◎Our mainstay Air Transportation Business has steadily captured demand for passengers and cargo. Operating revenues increased 5.2 percent compared with the previous year to 1,568.4 billion yen, marking two consecutive years of record-high results. ◎As a result of implementing investments in Safety, Quality, Services and Human Resources according to plan, operating income amounted to 156.6 billion yen. While this result was 5.6 percent lower year on year, it also marked another quarter of outperforming our original plan as we did in the second quarter. ◎The graph on the right shows operating revenues and operating income by fiscal year for the past five years. As of the end of the fiscal third quarter, we are advancing favorably toward achieving our fiscal year plan. ◎While we must keep an eye on the impact of U.S.-China trade friction and other factors during the fourth quarter, demand for passengers and cargo appear to be generally in line with plan so far. Further, we expect declining crude oil price trends to provide positive benefits in terms of costs. ◎Please turn to page 5.