5/26 - Corporate Strategy Progress①

◎This slide provides an update of the ANA Group Corporate Strategy. First, let’s look at our corporate strategy progress. ◎The pillars of our strategy have not changed from our original plan. We see the fiscal 2020 expansion in slots at Haneda Airport as a tremendous business opportunity, and we intend to execute our plan according to the themes for each phase. ◎At the same time, recent macro environmental issues have caused concern over the global business situation. In terms of the business environment, demand for inbound travel to Japan continues to be firm. However, Asian carriers and other overseas airlines are expanding capacity of their Japan routes, likely leading to increased competition in the future. Also, we must deal with an issue unique to the ANA Group, namely the engine trouble with Boeing 787s. ◎Given these changes in our business environment, we plan to put the finishing touches on Safety, Quality and Services heading toward fiscal 2020. Having perfected these areas, we will then generate growth moving forward. ◎Please turn to page 6.