7/26 - Air Transportation Business (1) ANA①


◎This slide addresses our Air Transportation Business capacity. First, let’s take a look at the ANA strategy. ◎The International Passenger Business will continue to be a group growth driver, driving revenues and profits. We intend to expand our business in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, leveraging Narita Airport in fiscal 2019 and Haneda Airport in fiscal 2020. Also, we will move forward with our Hawaii strategy by putting A380 aircraft into service. For fiscal 2019, capacity will grow eight percent year on year, rising another 20-plus percent year on year in fiscal 2020. Further, our fiscal 2020 ASK plan calls for growth of 1.35 times compared with fiscal 2017. ◎The Domestic Passenger Business remains our Group’s largest revenue platform. Here, we intend to utilize smaller aircraft in optimizing supply to demand, while at the same time strengthening products and services to improve profitability further. As you can see in the graph, capacity will remain mostly level through fiscal 2020. ◎We will accelerate profitability improvements in our International Cargo Operations by restructuring our network. In fiscal 2019, we plan to introduce wide-body freighters and use alliances with other freighter companies to bolster hub functions in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. We are looking to optimize the scale of our Okinawa hub network, balancing supply and demand. We expect these measures to grow our International Cargo Operations capacity in step with our International Passenger Business. ◎Please turn to page 8.