1/27 Cover


◎ Thank you for taking time to attend today’s presentation of our financial results for the six months ended September 30, 2019. ◎ On September 26, deficient operating procedures at the Osaka, Itami Airport security check resulted in tremendous inconveniences and concerns among our customers and others who were involved. I want to extend my apologies for this situation. We are in the process of implementing detailed preventive measures, taking every means possible to ensure air travel security. ◎ The typhoon of several weeks past caused widespread damage throughout eastern Japan. Our thoughts go out to those who were affected, and we extend our heartfelt prayers for a speedy recovery. Ground transportation facilities were suspended due to typhoon. The ANA Group also canceled numerous flights over the course of nearly two days, causing great inconvenience to many passengers. Once the typhoon passed, we began efforts to support recovery, including non-scheduled flights and wider-sized aircraft on routes to/from Toyama and Komatsu, as well as continued donations toward recovery programs. ◎ I will discuss the following three topics today: 1) Overview of financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 2019 and revisions to fiscal year earnings forecasts 2) Strategies and progress of our business 3) Preparations for fiscal 2020 and our approach to future business plans ◎ First, please turn to page 4.