13/27 - Income Statements

◎ This slide shows an overview of our consolidated income statements. ◎ Operating revenues rose 17.9 billion yen year on year, or 1.7%, reaching 1,055.9 billion yen. This was a record-high result for any first half. We have engaged steadily in capturing passenger demand, mainly in our domestic routes. ◎ Operating expenses increased by 44.2 billion yen, 4.7% up to 977.1 billion yen. In line with our fiscal year plan, we are incurring expenses in Safety, Quality and Services, as well as for Human Resources and our Fleet. Increased maintenance-related costs were another factor in the first half results. ◎ As a result, operating income was 78. 8 billion yen, ordinary income was 81. 5 billion yen, and net income attributable to owners of the parent was 56. 7 billion yen, a decrease of 23% year on year. ◎ Please turn to page 16.