18/27 - ANA International Passenger Operations (Business Trend)

◎ This slide provides data for our international passenger operations. ◎ This chart shows 7.4 billion yen in change factors that led to higher revenues in the first half. ◎ Under passenger factors, we made efforts to capture Japanese leisure travel demand and trilateral demand by expanding ASK through the introduction of the Airbus A380 and stimulating more demand through promotional fares. Meanwhile, demand for business travel from Japan showed weakness among a part of industries. At the same time, increased capacity among overseas airlines led to sluggish inbound tourist performance. ◎ Unit price factors contributed 7.5 billion yen to revenue growth. This result was a combination of careful yield management for high-demand flights, as well as a higher ratio of passengers on medium- and long-range routes, including flights to/from Europe, the U.S., and Hawaii. ◎ Next, please see page 23.