19/27 - ANA International Passenger Operations (Trend by Destination)

◎ This slide shows supply and demand by destination. ◎ Reflecting strong demand in North America for flights originating overseas, we secured RPK in excess of ASK. ◎ Despite intensified competition with overseas airlines, we captured leisure travel demand for flights from Japan to Europe through the use of promotional fares. ◎ We began controlling supply for flights to/from China beginning in the second half of the prior fiscal year, while preferentially capturing high-unit-price demand from Japan. At the same time, Chinese carriers have expanded their Japan route services, which led to lower year on year performance for inbound tourists. ◎ In Asia/Oceania routes, we saw lower demand for Korean and Hong Kong routes. However, we leveraged the strength of our existing network to actively capture demand for connecting flights with North American routes. ◎ Please turn to page 24.