8/27 - Slot Expansion at Haneda Airport

◎ Recently, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport made an announcement regarding the expansion of international route slots at the Haneda Airport beginning with the summer 2020 schedule. The number of slot allocations to Japanese airlines and the breakdown of countries have been released officially. Of the total 50 new slots, 25 of which have been allotted to Japanese airlines, ANA received 13.5. ◎ By country, six slots were for the USA, as well as other slots for Russia, Italy, Turkey, Scandinavia, which are not currently serviced by ANA, allowing us to expand our service to new destinations. We have sales offices in Russia and Italy, where we have maintained a sales presence for more than 20 years. We plan to leverage our experience developed through charters and code share flights with other companies as we prepare to open new routes. ◎ At present, we are researching policies to make the best use of the expanded slots. We will reflect demand forecasts by destination and the movements of other carriers into our future business plans. ◎ Please turn to page 10.