4/11 - 2. Building Out our Organization for Long-Term Growth


Strategies, plans, outlooks and other statements that are not historical facts are based on assumptions that use information currently available and reasonable judgments. Actual performance may be significantly different from these statements for a number of reasons. In the entertainment industry, which includes Capcom, performance may be highly volatile because of diverging user needs and other changes in market conditions. Factors that can affect Capcom’s performance include: (1) the number of hit titles and sales volume in the Home Video Game Business, which accounts for the majority of sales; (2) progress in developing home video games; (3) consumer demand for home video game consoles; (4) sales outside Japan; (5) changes in stock prices and exchange rates; (6) alliances with other companies concerning product development, sales and other operations; and (7) changes in market conditions. Please note that this is not a complete list of factors that can influence Capcom’s operating results.